Pet Defender Walking Stick


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Make walking your dog a relaxing pleasure again – enjoy this bonding time with your pet without worry about attacks by off leash dogs or outbursts of vicious fighting or harmful bites. 

The Arc Angel Pet Defender is a humane way for a peace loving person to protect their pet from harm in this evermore hostile world where irresponsible people let their animals run wild and global warming drives feral creatures into populated areas seeking food and water. 

Keep your hands away from biting jaws as you break up a vicious dog fight.  Replace that bone crushing baseball bat or golf club with the Pet Defender – the humane defense for people of good conscience.

Big Stick™ Fully Functional Supports 350 LB. Max
1,000,000 Volts Stun Device
Safe and effective at the same time
Key and Safety Lanyard included
Home Charging Unit included
Foreign Plug Converter included
Fully Rechargeable NiMH Battery System for thousands of Flawless Charges
High Quality Aircraft Aluminum Construction
Packaged weight: 2.5 lbs


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