Pet Defender Walking Cane


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“The Arc Angel Pet Defender™is a walking cane made especially for the person who walks their dog or who may have to defend a pet.  Fashioned as a walking cane, it is lighter than a bat and more practical than a golf club for those who want to keep an attacking animal more than an arms length

away.”The Arc Angel Pet Defender™ is a handsome, sturdy walking cane.  Hopefully you will never be called upon to use the cane’s hidden electronic power.  Made of aircraft grade aluminum, the shaft has a generous diameter that provides stability for walking and with adjustable length for comfort and reach. The Pet Defender Stun Cane has an ergonomically comfortable handle, and a rubber tip that grips the path.  Walk with confidence where ever you go – carry an Arc Angel Stun Cane™.

  • Fully Functional Supports 250 LB. Max
  • 1,000,000 Volts Stun Device
  • Safe and effective at the same time
  • Key and Safety Lanyard included
  • Home Charging Unit included
  • Foreign Plug Converter included
  • Fully Rechargeable NiMH Battery System
  • Quality Aircraft Aluminum Construction
  • Packaged weight: 2.5 lbs


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